Victory at Marcello Bergamo!


I was getting ready for the start in Ikast, Denmark.  It was the 8th of june and the 2nd stage of the Marcello Bergamo cup, a race over 91 k.

My legs felt good, and I was mentally ready for that race. I wanted to win!! The race began and it was fast, right from the beginning. After one lap, there was a breakaway, but I was in the bunch…. I realised that I had to be in that breakaway. They had about 1:30 to the bunch, so I new they where going to keep the gap till the finish line.  So I had to go up there!!

I was at the back of the bunch so I had to give it all I had. When I was in the front of the bunch again, I was much faster than the girls in the bunch so it was easy to make a big gap. I looked back, still nothing happened in the bunch, so I gave it all I had, and after a while I got to the breakaway of 6 riders. When we got to the last lap, I kept thinking “how am I gonna beat these girls in the sprint!!?”.  One of the girls is the Norwegian champion on the track, and she’s a VERY good sprinter. Another girl Camilla Møllebro is strong and she seemed to be very strong all the way through the race. In the season 2013 she did some very good sprints, so I thought, that if I could be no. 3 it would be really good. Anita (the Norwegian girl) opened the sprint about 600 meters from the finish line, but after 200 meters she stopped and they looked at each other. So  I went for it and as soon as I crossed the finishline I looked back and got my hand in the air. NO. 1!!! My first victory as an elite lady!

When I looked back there was 1,5 meter between me and the other girls. There was no doubt that I was the winner. When I stopped after the finish, I got a great surprise. My sister was there cheering me to the win. She was so proud and so was my father. 

Written by Amalie